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Release Date: October 13, 2017
Rating: 8.0

Directed by   :  Martin Campbell
Produced by   :  Jackie Chan, Wayne Marc Godfrey
Based on   :  The Chinaman by Stephen Leather
Starring   :  Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan
Production company   :  The Fyzz Facility, Sparkle Roll Media
Country   :  United States

The movie is at its best when it's keeping things simple, specifically with the game of cat and mouse that plays out between Pierce Brosnan and Jackie Chan.

While based on a novel that was first published back in 1992, Martin Campbell's The Foreigner certainly shares DNA with Pierre Morel's Taken -- at least from a development strategy standpoint. Both are Europe-set action thrillers featuring an older star as a father looking to get vengeance for a crime against his daughter. Within that ken, it can easily be called derivative, with Jackie Chan taking on the Liam Neeson role, but much like how the first Taken did manage to catch a spark, The Foreigner is actually quite a bit of fun and an above-average bit of cinema.

Adapted by David Marconi, the set-up is certainly familiar, but does try and put its own spin on things. At the outset, Jackie Chan's Quan Ngoc Minh seems like an ordinary man -- a small business owner living in London who is rocked by the death of his daughter in an IRA terrorist attack. Rather than just grieving and hiding from the world, however, he decides to make it his responsibility to find the people responsible. Specifically, he sets his target on Liam Hennessey (Pierce Brosnan), a government official with IRA history, who Quan believes knows who is responsible for the attack.

Rating:   IMDb  / 8.0

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